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Seat Cover Installation Instructions

Downloadable installation instructions (printable PDF files):

Instructions are general guidelines for seat cover installation. Due to the wide variety of seat styles, actual installation steps may vary.

Step 1

Lowback seats with removable headrests - Remove headrest completely from seat 

Lowback seats with non-removable headrests - Your seat cover will have a velcro strip that must be pulled apart and slipped over headrest

Highback seats with integrated headrests - The seat cover will slip over the whole seat


Step 2

Recline the backrest portion of your seat, fitting cap over top of seat.

Step 3

Take the three straps in center seam of seat cover and pull them (tugging hard) through the break between the seat and backrest. If seat does not allow for center break strap to be pulled through, cut that strap off.

Step 4

Take the front corners of seat cover (in sitting position) and turn them inside out and place them on the seat corners. Keeping seam of seat cover lined up with seam of vehicle's seat, turn (fold) cover back to normal by working your way to center of seat from either corner.

Step 5

Bring backrest upright and tuck in all excess sheepskin into break of seat. (If seat is designed with bottom molding, tuck in excess side skirts of seat cover inside plastic molding).

Step 6

Take shorter center strap and attach to any portion under the seat. Attach metal hooks on long outside straps (one at a time) to hole in white fitting rod provided. Pull rod through under seat to the front.

Step 7

Unclip hooks from fitting rod and connect to 'D' rings located on the front of the seat cover. If 'D' rings are not present, attach elsewhere, avoiding electrical wires.

Step 8

Take remaining straps found on side panels of upper half and lower half of cover and fasten to any attachment under seat. Do not attach to electrical wires.

Step 9

For lowback seats only (seats with an adjustable headrest). You should now have a snug fit and be ready to replace headrests. After locating position of headrest shafts, use a sharp instrument to pierce cover, cutting a small slit from front to back and side to side. Insert headrest poles through cover and into the headrest shafts.


Before you take the seat covers off, snap photos with your phone and text to us at 619-752-4584 so we can see the issue and diagnose a solution.

Common issues for front seat covers include:

Not fitting properly – Can be caused by driver side seat cover having been installed on passenger side or vice versa. For correct placement, look inside the backrest portion of the cover and along one side there will be either velcro, break-away straps or openings/slots. The side with this feature should be installed facing outward, away from the other seat and toward the vehicle’s door. This allows for free operation of seat side airbags in the event of deployment.

Nowhere to connect straps – Your seat covers have straps that are designed to hook/connect to the underside of your vehicle’s seat bottom. If they are on the top, then the cover is upside down.

Headrest holes not lining up – Once cover is on, you may need to slide the cover around by tugging on the sides of the backrest portion in order to line up headrest post opening with the post holes.

No holes for headrest posts – Some covers do not come with premade holes for headrest posts. After installing cover to your satisfaction, locate the position of headrest holes in the seat and use a sharp instrument to pierce cover. Then replace headrest. Will not void warranty

No slots/cutouts for lever on side of backrest - Some covers do not come with premade slots for the backrest release lever. Once installed to your satisfaction, you will have to make a small slit with a razor to accommodate the lever, and then tuck underneath the plastic molding. Will not void warranty.

Controls on side of seat are not accessible - Tuck the seat cover in between the seat cushion and plastic molding.

Slippage – Caused by loosely installed straps on the underside of the seat bottom. To resolve, pull the straps as tight as possible to pick up excess slack. 

No opening to pass straps through - Many vehicles have flaps that cover the "break" in the seat (where the back rest and seat bottom come together) that have to be opened to allow the seat cover straps access to the underside of the seat bottom. To do this, look for clips or hooks on the underside of the seat that hold the flaps in place then unhook them so that the flap opens. Install the seat cover, pushing the straps through the "break" of the seat and secure the seat cover's hooks to the underside of the seat. Finally, replace the clips that hold the flaps in place on the underside of the seat. See this video for instructions on opening the back flap.

For professional help installing, we recommend searching for an upholstery shop near you or contacting your local auto dealer's parts department. We also provide installation service at our location in Escondido, CA, contact us for more information.