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Here's 11 reasons why you should choose us for your sheepskin seat covers:

  1. 1. Our Photo Gallery

    We showcase our pride in our work in our photo gallery. We invite you to check it out. 

  2. 2. Seamless stitching

    You won't see a seam on your seat cover like you may from other companies. We go the extra mile in the manufacturing process to hide the seams, creating a flush, more refined look (Custom Fit items only).

  3. 3. Luxury features not available elsewhere.

    Sculpting, Leather Strapping and Embroidery are all available options (Custom Fit items only).

  4. 4. Toll-free installation help

    Having difficulty installing your seat covers? No problem. Just call us and we'll walk you through the process.

  5. 5. Dry cleaning service

    Just take off your seat covers, send them to us, and we will professionally dry clean them for you. Contact us prior to sending regarding price.

  6. 6. Largest selection of patterns in the country

    With over 13,000 patterns in stock, you can be sure we have the specific pattern for your vehicle.

  7. 7. Vast product knowledge

    We can tell you if that Ready made cover you're considering is a good fit, or if a Custom Fit item is a better choice.

  8. 8. Color / Texture matching

    We select only sheepskins that match in color, texture and wool density to ensure a high quality seat cover (Custom Fit items only).

  9. 9. Average lifespan 12 years

    And did we mention up to a 3 year warranty? (Custom Fit items only)

  10. 10. No unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau
  11. 11. Over 40 years experience making and selling sheepskin seat covers

    In business since 1978. Need we say more?