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Superlamb® SuperFit Sheepskin Seat Covers
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Superlamb® SuperFit Sheepskin Seat Covers

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  • Driving will never be the same.

    The SuperFit cover is an off-the-shelf seat cover designed to fit certain seat profiles. This cover is 100% sheepskin where it comes in contact with your body, and with synthetic fleece covering the back and sides. It is bound around the inside edges with heavy elastic to hold the seat cover snuggly to the seat. These covers offer an inexpensive way to protect your seats yet still enjoy the benefits of real sheepskin.

    Note: Sheepskin is a natural product and variances in texture, density and color can occur. We recommend ordering all sheepskin products at the same time in order to guarantee an exact match. Customers who order at different times may see variations.


    • Make driving much more pleasurable and comfortable.
    • Protect your vehicle's seats from premature wear and tear, including accidental punctures from sharp objects in a back pocket such as screwdrivers, combs, scissors, etc. Sound familiar?
    • Realize top dollar at resale or trade-in by protecting your upholstery. Just ask your dealer.
    • Maintain body temperature - you're never hot and never cold.
    • Naturally fire retardant (prevent cigarette burns on seats).
    • Long lasting. When cared for properly, Universal covers generally have a lifespan of 6 to 8 years.
    • Rejuvenate older or damaged seats and make them look new again


    • Fleece measures approximately 1" and is among the densest in the world.
    • Sheepskin will not shed, but synthetic sides may.
    • Cost effective "hybrid" design seat cover: Made of 100% genuine sheepskin where your body comes in contact with seat, and utilizes acrylic around sides, back and side of seat bottom
    • Large color selection.
    • Made of Australian or New Zealand sheepskin.
    • Fully compatible with heated seats; warmth will penetrate through.
    • Safeguard against stains; coffee and soft drink spills are easily cleaned.
    • Simple maintenance. Light brushing & vacuuming will keep them fluffy.
    • Easily dry cleaned. We recommend cleaning every couple of years, and we also provide this professional service.
    • Optional seat belt, headrest, armrest and console lid covers complete your custom interior.
    • Trained staff to ensure superior customer service, and a toll-free phone number for installation help.
    • 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship (not applicable to normal wear and tear or fading).


    • Premade sheepskin seat covers designed to fit certain seat types, compatible with many vehicles
    • Complimentary alterations included free of charge: openings for headrests, openings for armrests that are attached to side of seat and openings for integrated seat belts
    • Alterations we do not make: cutouts for levers on side or top of seat (you can make yourself, which does not void warranty) or power controls on side of seat (cover is designed to be tucked in between seat cushion and plastic molding, keeping controls open)
    • Extensive alterations, such as adding or removing material, include additional charges. While uncommon, extensive alterations are considered custom and any work we perform to the cover on the customer's behalf make that cover final sale (non-returnable and non-refundable). If this applies to your order, we will contact you prior to processing to request your consent.


    • All our covers are "slip-on covers" designed to go directly over your seats
    • No need to remove existing upholstery of seat
    • No need to remove seats from vehicle
    • No special tools needed
    • Installation takes generally 20-30 minutes per seat
    • Yes, you can install them yourself
    • See our installation instructions and videos for details

    Shipping and Delivery Times

    • Allow up to 5 business days for order processing as we may need to make alterations to ensure the best possible fit
    • All orders ship from our warehouses in Southern California, USA
    • We use UPS Ground service for most orders and delivery can take 1-5 business days to arrive, depending on delivery address distance from Southern California
    • You will receive a tracking number via email after your order is shipped

    Product Details

    Fit Style (Custom, Semi-Custom or Universal) learn more
    Universal (good fit)
    Sold As (Single or Pair)
    Compatible Seat Types (Low Back Bucket, High Back Bucket, Sports Seat, Integrated Seat Belt, Bench or Split Bench)
    Low Back Bucket, High Back Bucket, Bench or Split Bench
    Sheepskin where your body comes in contact with seat; acrylic around sides, back and side of seat bottom
    Side Air Bag Compatible?
    Yes, fully compatible with seat side airbags
    Back of Seat Covered?
    Yes, back of seat is covered
    Number of Colors Available
    SuperFit and Semi-Custom fit seat covers are fully returnable and refundable as long as no extensive alterations were performed on them. See our return policy for full details.

    All product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the final product. Actual color can be affected by how dye takes to individual skins when tanned and dye lot changes by the tanneries we source our skins from. We feel our photos are an excellent representation of our colors, however viewing conditions such as monitor settings and ambient lighting can affect how they appear to a customer. Samples are available for a small, refundable fee.

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    Note: These instructions are general guidelines for the installation of sheepskin seat covers. Due to the wide variety of seat styles, actual installation steps may vary.

    Step 1

    Lowback seats with removable headrests - Remove headrest completely from seat

    Lowback seats with non-removable headrests - Your seat cover will have a velcro strip that must be pulled apart and slipped over headrest

    Highback seats with integrated headrests - The seat cover will slip over the whole seat

    Step 2

    Recline the backrest portion of your seat, fitting cap over top of seat.

    Step 3

    Take the three straps in center seam of seat cover and pull them (tugging hard) through the break between the seat and backrest. If seat does not allow for center break strap to be pulled through, cut that strap off.

    Step 4

    Take the front corners of seat cover (in sitting position) and turn them inside out and place them on the seat corners. Keeping seam of seat cover lined up with seam of vehicle's seat, turn (fold) cover back to normal by working your way to center of seat from either corner.

    Step 5

    Bring backrest upright and tuck in all excess sheepskin into break of seat. (If seat is designed with bottom molding, tuck in excess side skirts of seat cover inside plastic molding).

    Step 6

    Take shorter center strap and attach to any portion under the seat. Attach metal hooks on long outside straps (one at a time) to hole in white fitting rod provided. Pull rod through under seat to the front.

    Step 7

    Unclip hooks from fitting rod and connect to 'D' rings located on the front of the seat cover. If 'D' rings are not present, attach elsewhere, avoiding electrical wires.

    Step 8

    Take remaining straps found on side panels of upper half and lower half of cover and fasten to any attachment under seat. Do not attach to electrical wires.

    Step 9

    For lowback seats only (seats with an adjustable headrest). You should now have a snug fit and be ready to replace headrests. After locating position of headrest shafts, use a sharp instrument to pierce cover, cutting a small slit from front to back and side to side. Insert headrest poles through cover and into the headrest shafts.

    More photos available in our photo gallery

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