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The difference between Custom Fit, Semi-Custom Fit and Universal Fit seat covers

You've probably noticed that our seat covers come in 3 fit options. These fits are just like the sizing methods you encounter when clothes shopping.

Custom Made to Order (best fit): Think of a custom suit that is tailor made to fit you, only you, where every unique contour and curve is designed to fit you precisely. Our expert pattern makers create the pattern for your vehicle, we cut the material and sew on site, in the USA, to your order. And because custom fit covers are completely handmade, they take a little bit longer to make but are well worth the wait. The result is an absolutely unparalleled, impeccable fit!

ExactFit Series (best fit): Pre-made custom covers available for select vehicles only. Enjoy all the benefits of Custom Made to Order covers (see above) without the wait and cost.

Semi-Custom Fit (better fit): Think of shopping for a pair of men's pants. Stores stock many sizes of the same pair of pants in various waists and lengths.  While the sizes you find are not made to fit you exactly, the increments are such that you can get a really good, off-the-shelf fit. We stock Semi-Custom fit seat covers in various sizes and our staff ships the best fit for your vehicle. The year, make and model of your vehicle is like the "size". Pros: Best bang for the buck! (and no fitting rooms)

Universal Fit (good fit): Think of a jacket with more general sizing, such as small, medium and large. While this represents the least exact fit, we're sure you have a favorite jacket that you just love. Many of our Universal covers utilize a stretchy material on the seat back and seat bottom (just like the elastic cuffs and bottom of that jacket) resulting in a nice, snug fit. Like the Semi-Custom fit, we stock various sizes and ship the best fit based on your vehicle (think of your year, make and model as the "size"). Pros: Less wait, less money!