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Superlamb® Sheepskin Car Seat Pad
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Superlamb® Sheepskin Car Seat Pad

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    Affordable Sheepskin Solution

    Drive in comfort while protecting your seat bottoms with the highest quality premium-grade Australian or New Zealand sheepskin. Make the drudgery of cummuting, picking up the kids or otherwise just "getting there" less of a chore and much more tolerable. Installs in minutes and is perfect for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

    Note: Sheepskin is a natural product and variances in texture, density and color can occur. We recommend ordering all sheepskin products at the same time in order to guarantee an exact match. Customers who order at different times may see variations.


    • Sheepskin is the absolute finest material for regulating body temperature - cozy in winter and cool in summer
    • Enjoy a far more pleasurable and comfortable driving experience
    • Upgrade the appearance of vehicle's interior with a premium look
    • Protect car seats from wear and tear
    • Preserve vehicle's resale value by keeping seats looking new
    • Rejuvenate older or damaged seats to make them look new again
    • Less expensive than reupholstering seats

    Recommended For

    • Owners looking to drastically improve the comfort of their driving experience
    • Drivers who want to add a premium touch to their vehicle
    • New vehicle owners
    • Vehicles with interiors that need a "makeover"

    Make Your Ride More Comfortable

    • Never too hot or too cold, sheepskin maintains a steady body temperature all year round - it's thermostatic quality permits air flow between its natural hollow fibers allowing it to “breathe”, producing a cooling effect in summer by wicking heat and sweat away from the body. In winter the hollow fibers trap body heat, creating an insulating effect that keeps you warm but never too hot
    • Fully compatible with heated seats, warmth will penetrate through
    • Dense fleece combined with foam padding add cushion to hard or uncomfortable seats

    Superior Seat Protection

    • Eliminate the usual wear and tear on seats from getting in and out of vehicle
    • Water resistant
    • Block dangerous UV rays from fading, discoloring and cracking seat bottom
    • Stop dye transfer from blue jeans to seats (Black sheepskin)
    • Protect seats from indentations caused by heavy objects
    • Prevent accidental punctures from sharp objects
    • Backed with anti-slip rubber backing that will not create scuff marks on seats

    Long Lasting Durability

    • Fire and burn resistant, prevent cigarette burns on seats
    • Stain resistant, coffee and soft drink spills are easily cleaned
    • Tear resistant, sheepskin is extremely durable
    • Long lasting - expected lifespan of 5 years when cared for properly

    Materials and Workmanship

    • Cut from solid sheepskin pelts (large sections are not pieced together)
    • Measures 20" x 21"
    • Durable elastic straps and metal hooks keep cover securely in place
    • Built-to-last, heavy-duty 3-strand polyester threading that will not break or unravel
    • Seams are made virtually invisible using a proprietary process
    • Lined with approximately ¼" - ½" foam padding
    • Anti-slip rubber backing

    About Our Sheepskins

    • We use only the finest, 100% genuine grade-A premium Merino sheepskin from Australia or New Zealand
    • Dense fleece measures approximately 1" deep (25mm)
    • Will not shed, even after many years (when new, slight shedding may occur along seams which will stop over time)
    • Stain resistant due to the naturally occurring oils in sheepskin
    • Hypoallergenic, will not cause irritation or allergic reactions
    • Will not smell bad, any light odor will dissapate over time
    • Curly wool available upon request

    Seat Coverage Area

    • Covers 20" x 21" portion of seat bottom only, controls on side are left open

    Air Bag Safety

    • Absolutely all our seat covers are 100% seat side air bag compatible
    • Does not cover the backrest portion, which is where air bags deploy from


    • Our colors are designed to look great in any vehicle, regardless of vehicle manufacturer
    • We cannot guarantee that the color ordered will match your interior, even if the vehicle's VIN is provided
    • For customers who provide a photo we will gladly offer our opinion on which color is the best match
    • Colors are generally fade resistant and should last many years
    • Fading is less likely to occur in vehicles that are not continually exposed to direct sunlight and with lighter colors
    • Premium colors (Burgundy, Creme, Latte, Mushroom, Navy, Palomino and White) are all special order only; we make them when you order and will take a few extra days to ship

    Care and Cleaning

    • Light brushing with a wire dog brush and vacuuming will keep them fluffy if they get matted down
    • Febreeze or similar can be used safely
    • Scotchgard can be safely applied, however it is not necessary due to the natural stain resistance of sheepskin
    • Spot clean with water and mild soap
    • If a drink spills on them, blot up as much liquid as possible and allow to air dry
    • For deep cleaning, sheepskin can be dry cleaned; never put sheepskin in washer or dryer!

    In The Box

    • Sheepskin seat pad for seat bottom portion only; sold as singles

    Product SKU

    • SSPAD

    The Sheepskin Car Seat Pad is Universal fit, which means it is "one size fits all" Learn more about fit options

    • Durable elastic straps and metal hooks keep the seat bottom portion of cover securely in place and will not slip, slide or leave markings on seat when installed correctly
    • Straps will not affect power seat motor function or electronics underneath seat bottom when installed properly

    Front Row / Middle Row Seat Types

    • Suitable for most bucket seats, either low back or high back, regardless of the seat’s upholstery material (leather, cloth or vinyl)
    • Sports seats with leg extensions – Compatible, however does not allow for leg extension movement. OK for use with manual leg extensions but not recommended for powered leg extensions to prevent accidental motor burnout. For covers that allow the leg extension to extend and retract, see our Superlamb Original Seat Bottom Covers, Superlamb Original and Superlamb SuperVest seat covers.

    General Information

    • All our covers are "slip-on covers" designed to go directly over your seats
    • No need to remove existing upholstery of seat
    • No special tools needed
    • Yes, you can install them yourself
    • See our installation instructions and videos for details
    • No need to remove seats from vehicle
    • Installation generally takes 10-15 minutes per cover
    • Note for elderly or physically challenged customers - Installation requires reaching under the seat, feeding straps through potentially tight gaps, tucking cover into tight crevices and being on knees outside vehicle. We recommend inspecting your seat before ordering to determine if you are able to perform these tasks or if you will need to seek assistance from a friend, family member or an upholstery shop

    Shipping and Delivery Times

    • Allow up to 5 business days for order processing; premium colors (Burgundy, Creme, Latte, Mushroom, Navy, Palomino and White) are special order and take longer as we make them when ordered
    • All orders ship from our manufacturing facilities in Southern California, USA
    • We use UPS Ground service for most orders and delivery can take 1-5 business days to arrive, depending on delivery address distance from Southern California
    • You will receive a tracking number via email after your order is shipped


    • Sheepskin Car Seat Pads are fully returnable and refundable for up to 30 days from shipment date; see our full return policy for details


    • 1 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials; excludes normal wear and tear, color fading, accidental damage or damage due to improper installation or use
    All product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the final product. Actual color can be affected by how dye takes to individual skins when tanned and dye lot changes by the tanneries we source our skins from. We feel our photos are an excellent representation of our colors, however viewing conditions such as monitor settings and ambient lighting can affect how they appear to a customer. Samples are available for a small, refundable fee.

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